In the market for custom aged / relic guitar hardware?? Dress up your custom guitar with some aged parts!

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Relic  Fender Style Gold Stratocaster Jack Cup
Looking for a nicely aged /  relic'd Gold Fender Stratocaster Style football jac..
Relic - Aged Telecaster Jack Cup
Looking for every part to complete your vintage aged / relic Telecaster build? Your guitar will than..
Relic / Aged Fender Style Strap Buttons
These perfectly aged strap buttons are the perfect finishing touch on your relic build, or as a vint..
Relic / Aged Fender Telecaster Control Plate
Having a nice and shiny control plate on your relic or vintage Telecaster just won't do!! We're prou..
Relic / Aged Stratocaster Jack Cup
Looking for a nicely aged /  relic'd Fender Stratocaster Style football jack cup..
Relic / Aged Telecaster / Stratocaster String Ferrules
Aged string ferrules are one of those parts you always forget. These are made to fit 5/16" hole..
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Relic Stratocaster Butterfly String Trees
Pair of nicely aged / reliced Fender style "butterfly" string trees. Included are (2) trees, (2) scr..
Relic Telecaster Round String Tree
Aged to perfection Relic Telecaster Round String Tree Phillips head mounting screw included ..
ULTIMATE Stratocaster Relic Hardware Kit #2
If you are searching for aged parts to make your own "Relic" Stratocaster style guitar, we've got yo..