Fender Elite Gold / Pearl Tuners- Came on Merle Haggard Tele and SRV #1 / First Wife

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Brand:  Fender
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SOLD OUT!! Fender only seems to release these awesome tuners that were used on SRV's #1 Strat, John Mayer's Strat, and Merle Haggard's Tele once a year! We've been sold out since 3/17!

Grab a set fast...these go on backorder and it can take months to get more!

Have you been searching for these Elite tuning pegs for your Stevie Ray Vaughan First Wife project...or your John Mayer "Black One" guitar build...good luck!! Fender only ships VERY small quantities of these out at any given time, and we rarely have them in stock!! They require a 10MM headstock hole (direct fit to any American tuners with the bolt bushing mounting). These also came stock on the Merle Haggard "Tuff Dog" Tele as well as the James Burton Tele. These tuners are NEW / NON-AGED.

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