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All images and custom designs are property of AxetremeCreations ©2006-2016. AxetremeCreations and its legal representitives and agents maintain the full right to incorporate images, provided by the customer or taken by AxetremeCreations, in any advertising or promotional material. By using the Axetreme family of sites (axetremecreations.com, giantpicks.com, customguitarneckplates.com, acousticpickguards.com) you are consenting to the use of the images of said artwork without any further approval of how the artwork is applied in any printed matter, advertising, or marketing materials used to promote AxetremeCreations or its family of sites. Any procedes derived from the sale, publication, or use of said artwork is the sole property of AxetremeCreations unless other arrangements are made in writing before the sale. By consenting to these terms you hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless AxetremeCreations, its legal representatives, and all persons acting under its permission and authority from any liability by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical allusion, or use in composite form whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur in the production of said promotional materials or in any subsequent processing thereof. 

 All parts and accessories are to be considered aftermarket items unless otherwise noted. 

AxetremeCreations is not affiliated with Fender ®/ FMIC®. Any parts or accessories that look like Fender designs are manufactured under license by Fender®, and are NOT warranted by Fender®.  Fender ®,Strat ®,Stratocaster ®,Tele ®,Telecaster ®,Esquire ®,Broadcaster ®,Jazz Bass ®,Precision Bass®, the word ...."RELIC"® (yeah, seriously)... and at least 500 other random words... are registered trademarks of Fender®. Some headstock designs are registered trademarks of Fender® Musical Instruments Corp. Any neck that we offer here at AxetremeCreations is licensed by Fender®, but again....NO FENDER ® WARRANTY APPLIES. AxetremeCreations is an authorized dealer for such companies as Allparts, Musikraft, WD music and many others.
Gibson®, Les Paul®,  SG®, Flying V®, ES-175®, ES-335®, L-5®, Epiphone® and P-90® are registered trademarks of Gibson Guitar Corp.

The AxetremeCreations Custom Shop is in the business of custom building and superior aging of parts and accessories. We are not implying that we are building or selling Fender® guitars. All of our parts should be considered "used" due to our unique aging processes, although technically they have never been played. 
All prices, terms and conditions on the site are subject to change without notice. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization other than as necessary to fulfill your order.