Custom Made Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Info

AxetremeCreations is proud to be one of the very few companies who makes all their custom acoustic guitar pickguards and the material they are made from….right here in the USA! We design, manufacture, and create all our own guards and love to push the envelope with materials and designs. If there is something you would like to see, please let us know. We invite you to read through the following F & Q page and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email us at .

Q: How thick are your guards? 

A: Our guards are a custom 2-ply material, and are .035″, which is thinner than the vintage guards that crack/warp, and about the same thickness as most other aftermarket guards.


Q: What does the edge look like on your guards?

A: The edge is a square edge. Since the material is fairly thin to not harm the sound of your guitar, there really isn’t enough of an edge to bevel.


Q: Can these scratch easy? 

A: Well….our pickguards are basically the same as as any other as far as wear. There is one difference though….it can be re-polished out! If after a few years of picking your guard begins to look dull. Want it to look new again??  Simply wetsand your guard with 2000 grit paper or finer, then polish with a plastic polish (you could even use a buffer….if you are good!) She will be good as new again!


Q: Will the graphic / pattern wear off, I play hard!?

A: Never! All our graphics are embedded inside the guard.


Q: I do not see my model listed, or cannot find a design I like… what?

A: Email us!!! We have created literally thousands of guards over the years, not all manufacturers or models are listed.


Q: I am unsure about whether your guard will fit my guitar….what can I do??

A: We are constantly adding PDF Templates to the website that you can check your model against for the perfect fit. If you do not see yours, no worries….we can always make one custom for you!


Q: How long do custom guards take to have made?

A: Making something completely unique to each client is not cheap, easy, or fast! Custom guards take between 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks) to make.

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