How to Trace A Pickguard

Over the years we’ve created hundreds of completely unique and custom guards for our clients. These tips and instructions will help it all go smoothly!


1) Use a sharp writing instrument such as a pen or sharp pencil. Do NOT use magic markers or anything with a wide tip.

2) Using your original guard, place it top-side-up on a sheet of WHITE paper (You can tape two pieces of paper together if the guard is too big for a standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper). Trace carefully around the guard and all screw holes and pickups. Please do NOT use black paper, napkins, tracing paper, the back of your speeding ticket, etc.

3) Do NOT cut out the pickguard tracing you have created once completed. Simply trace everything: pickup holes, switch slots, potentiometer holes, mounting screw holes and pickup height adjustment screw holes. Be sure to place all items on the tracing and any notes if necessary. Please include manufacturer and exact dimensions for any pickup changes.

4) ***MOST IMPORTANT: We receive dozens of custom designs a week, so please make sure you: Mark your tracing with 2 forms of contact information (Your email and also your name / address is preferred)

Your custom pickguard is only as good as your tracing, so take your time and follow the above instructions. Custom pickguards are NOT returnable.

Send your tracings to: 

AxetremeCreations – Attn:  Nick

PO Box 183

Sanborn, NY 14132

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