Telecaster – Tele – Esquire Electrosocket Aluminum Jack

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These are brand new jack cups, that are a HUGE improvement over the stock Tele cup/jack style!! Your jack simply screws into this cup, and the cup is screwed into the body. No more loose jacks! (jack NOT included). Finish is Aluminum and fits inside standard 7/8″ hole.

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1 review for Telecaster – Tele – Esquire Electrosocket Aluminum Jack

  1. Guitartec

    If you have a newer Tele or a fake old one, an Electrosocket is a MUST HAVE! Once you get your old pain-in-the-ass Tele jack cup and prong out of your Tele, the Electrosocket goes in fast with just two screws and it stays put. If you have a Asian or Mexi Tele, you must also upgrade to a Switchcraft #11 jack as well. It’s the right thing to do and doesn’t cost much.

    BTW, this pic of the Electrosocket has an optical illusion going on. Electrosockets are concave, not convex. When I first saw this pic, I thought Electrosockets must have a new model. Keep looking at the pic and all of a sudden it goes from convex to concave or vice versa.

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